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Tired of 26AS TDS Reconciliation Manually?

Ticking Manually each entry PDF or TXT file every time?

Don't worry have 3 Steps Solution for you...

1. Click on import 26AS button

2. Select text file - Downloaded from Income Tax website.

3. Now 26AS Data is ready to use for any kind of analysis.

This utility will help you in reconciling your data up to 10,000+ rows in just a single click.

Video Guide : How to use 26AS TDS Reconciliation Utility

Hundreds of users getting benefited using this utility. You can also be a part of it, just download the free utility and make your reports in few clicks...it's awesome.

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Step III: Done

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26AS TDS Reconciliation Utility. Free version

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Price - Rs.0 (Absolutely Free)

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In Pro version you can reconcile up to 10,000+ rows in just single click.