Automation of Financial from Tally 

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  • Working Files - (Download)

Salient features of the Course

👉 Introduction and need of Financial Automation (Sch III, PL & BS) from Tally

👉 Tally Trial Balance Challenges :      

👉   Not able to SUM the cells as all Dr/Cr are positive Cells    

  👉   Mixure of Accounts between Parent/Child and hence trial is not becoming zero      

👉   Grouping Issue - Not able to identify Child ledgers and Parent Ledgers      

👉   Frequent Changes in TB due to new audit entries / New ledgers      

👉   Multiple Trial Balances for Each Business / Branch

👉 Preparation and organising TBs to ease out Automation - Overcome Challenges shown in previous point with simple Free Utilities

👉 Cleaning Tally TB with Child/Parent marking and Plus/Minus instead of Dr/Cr

👉 Consolidation of TBs with Free Utility

👉 Creating different Masters- Why Masters are important for any automation

👉 5 Most used formulas one need to master before starting automation

👉 Reporting based on Thousands/Lacs/Crores/Absolute

👉 Updation of Last year figures or comparison of Actuals with Budgets

👉 Reporting with Charts to make it more user friendly/Interactive 

👉 Creating Dashboard for Key items for analysis

👉 Update New Data and everything will be updates with in seconds

👉 Free Utilities     1. Dr/Cr Conversion     2. BottomLine Utility to find out Child/Parent account     3. Merge Utility - To merge multiple Trial balances with in seconds     4. GST finder Utility from PAN     5. Many more small Utilites

👉  Q&A