Automation of Financial from Tally 

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Why it's important!

Financial reporting is one of the topmost and statutory requirements in every organization. Having to report branch-wise, region-wise, month-wise, quarter-wise, year-to-date, trending analysis, etc is an extremely challenging and tedious task. A smart use of Excel can make our lives easier and promote efficient behavior. We can also build lot of interactive charts that catches your eyes while repairing financial statements. 


Automation of Financial from Tally
  • Automation of Financial from Tally
Downloadable Working Files
  • Downloadable Working Files

Salient features of the Course

👉 Introduction and need of Financial Automation (Sch III, PL & BS) from Tally

👉 Tally Trial Balance Challenges :      

👉   Not able to SUM the cells as all Dr/Cr are positive Cells    

  👉   Mixure of Accounts between Parent/Child and hence trial is not becoming zero      

👉   Grouping Issue - Not able to identify Child ledgers and Parent Ledgers      

👉   Frequent Changes in TB due to new audit entries / New ledgers      

👉   Multiple Trial Balances for Each Business / Branch

👉 Preparation and organising TBs to ease out Automation - Overcome Challenges shown in previous point with simple Free Utilities

👉 Cleaning Tally TB with Child/Parent marking and Plus/Minus instead of Dr/Cr

👉 Consolidation of TBs with Free Utility

👉 Creating different Masters- Why Masters are important for any automation

👉 5 Most used formulas one need to master before starting automation

👉 Reporting based on Thousands/Lacs/Crores/Absolute

👉 Updation of Last year figures or comparison of Actuals with Budgets

👉 Reporting with Charts to make it more user friendly/Interactive 

👉 Creating Dashboard for Key items for analysis

👉 Update New Data and everything will be updates with in seconds

👉 Free Utilities     1. Dr/Cr Conversion     2. BottomLine Utility to find out Child/Parent account     3. Merge Utility - To merge multiple Trial balances with in seconds     4. GST finder Utility from PAN     5. Many more small Utilites

👉  Q&A