CHAMP EXCEL OFFERS lots of FREE EXCEL utilities and shortcut keys

1)Merge Multipe Files from Foder   2) GST Reco    3) Know your GST from PAN    4) Figure in Words     5) Convert Calender Year to Financial Year   6) Auto Indexing with Hyperlinks for All shets

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What all does it include?

Excel has unlimited keys and shortcuts that not everyone is familiar with. In the files offered, you will get an organized list of more than 100 shortcut keys along with the following other excel utilities :


Excel Tools and Tricks
  • Excel Tools and Tricks
Short Cut Keys - One Pager Excel File
  • Short Cut Keys
Merge Multiple Files/Sheets from a Folder with in Seconds
  • Video Tutorial
  • Downloadable file
GST Reco Template for 2A and 3B
  • Video Tutorial
  • Downloadable file
Know your GST from PAN Number
  • Know your GST from PAN Number
Figure or Amount in Words
  • Figure or Amount in Words
Convert Calendar Year to Financial Year
  • Video Tutorial
  • Downloadable FIle
Auto Indexing with Hyperlinks to all sheets with single click
  • Video Tutorial
  • Downloadable FIle
Adjustment of Credit Balances from Debtors Ageing on FIFO Basis
  • Video Tutorial
  • Downloadable FIle
Extract Numbers from Alphanumeric string
  • Extract Numbers from Alphanumeric String
Convert Number into Words
  • Convert Number into Words
Filtering of Records
  • Filtering of Records on providing some Information
Aggregate Weekly Costs in to Months
  • Aggregate Weekly Costs in to Months on Prorata Basis