Power Automate in 2 Days -

 Be the part of the Webinar - 2 Days Live Session "From Basic to Automation Process in Power Automate"  

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Why It's Important

  • Microsoft ecosystem - Power Automate is Microsoft's way to build and execute flows, similar to how PowerPoint is Microsoft's way to build presentations.

  • Easy to use - It's a drag-and-drop system which makes thing easy, and has an amazing user-friendly interface to create flow diagrams.

  • Connect to anything - Power Automate has hundreds of pre-built connectors, allowing your flows to interact with several applications at once (like Outlook, Slack, Text, Power Point, Drive, SQL).

  • Create any logic - Power Automate can make both simple (trigger and action) and complex (trigger, condition, loop, approval, action, etc.). 

  • Customize to your heart's desire - Power Automate allows you to build your flow your way. This means that you can build the flow in your vision - your imagination is your only limitation!

  • Powerful scaling - Flows have a powerful monitoring feature, allowing you to see how flows have performed for all your users.


Join our Power Automate Webinar to enhance your understanding of task automation; no prerequisites required, suitable for all skill levels.

Important Note:

Some sessions might require attendees to have access to a Microsoft 365 account, as Power Automate is often integrated with Microsoft services like OneDrive, SharePoint, and Outlook.

Who Should Attend:

Perfect for professionals, business owners, and enthusiasts seeking to streamline operations and amplify productivity through Power Automate – no prior experience needed.

Speaker: CA Vijay Agarwal

Big Data Analyst & Automation Expert - Awarded 4 Times as Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft. 

Session Wise Agenda

👉 Introduction of Power Automation

👉 Features of Power Automate

👉 Why learn Power Automate

👉 What is a Flow & Types of Flow?

👉 Introduction to Power Automate and Excel

👉 Refresh your Excel knowledge

👉 Insert/Delete/Update Excel content from Power Automate Flow

👉 Platform setup & Environment walkthrough

👉 Creating a flow from a template & Understanding flow templates

👉 Making your own templates

👉 Creating a trigger & Creating an action

👉 Understanding different types of Power Automate triggers

👉 Checking an e-mail arrival in a mailbox using Automated trigger

👉 Deleting and Updating list items in Power Automate

👉 Why do we need variables? 

👉 Connect a table in Microsoft Excel and read the table content from Power Automate Flow

👉 Tips and tricks to develop and test your flow

👉 Introduction to built-in functions

👉 Good development practices - copy and paste

👉 Static results - documentation

👉 Error handling through parallel branching

👉 If statements & Logical comparison operators

👉 Running a Business Process flow

👉 Creating your first UI flow & Modifying UI flow code

👉 End-to-end flow overview - your suggestions needed!

👉 Useful links and learning resources

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Magic of the Power Automate - The Most Powerful Tool Ever

With Power Automate, you can automate repetitive & time-consuming tasks, reducing manual effort & the potential for errors. This is especially important in today's fast-paced business environment, where efficiency is crucial.

Be the part of the Live Webinar - 2 Days Live Session "From Basic to Automation Process in Power Automate"  

                                                         Course Fee - Rs 1,999/- 0nly